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Results of Dr Safvat’s Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery removes excess fat, glandular tissue and skin from the breasts, and can:

Lift breasts higher

Reduce and reshape breasts

Reshape nipples

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The Procedure

Excessively large breasts may cause discomfort, resulting in shoulder and neck pain, skin irritation under the breast fold as well as causing the person self-conscious of the size or the shape of their breasts, as larger breasts are more likely to be pendulous or sagging.
The Breast Reduction Surgery procedure reshapes and resizes breasts to be smaller, higher, lighter and more proportionate with the rest of the body. There is a high satisfaction rate with this procedure as Breast Reduction surgery addresses all these issues, may improve posture and can restore self-esteem.
Dr Safvat generally performs Short Scar Technique with breast reduction surgery procedures for a better outcome and minimal scarring.

Breast Reduction Surgery Dr André Safvat - Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery - Bowral, Concord & Miranda

About Dr Safvat

“My philosophy is to treat and care for my patients as I would like my own family to be treated and cared for with respect, care, expertise and professionalism.”

As a fully qualified and highly trained Specialist Plastic Surgeon, Dr Safvat provides a broad array of Plastic, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgical procedures. Dr Safvat’s perfectionist approach in surgery, combined with his genuine caring nature, makes him a devoted Plastic Surgeon whose aim is to achieve optimal natural result and impeccable care for his patients.

Dr André Safvat - Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery - Bowral, Concord & Miranda

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