Dr André Safvat FRACS (Plast.)

Specialist Plastic Surgeon

Patient focused care to the highest standard

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Dr André Safvat


Renowned for his dedication to his patients, his attention to detail and impeccable outcomes, Dr Safvat’s unparalleled expertise is reflected in the quality, professionalism and dedication of every member of our team.



Dr Safvat’s first and foremost aim is for his patients’ best health interest.
Every patient is important to him, whether he is doing a minor procedure, cosmetic surgery or a complex reconstructive case, Dr Safvat strives to provide the best possible care and outcome for his patients.



Our lead Plastic Surgeon, Dr André Safvat, is a fully qualified Specialist Plastic Surgeon with the highest level of accreditation and qualification attainable and a professional reputation that is second to none.

Ethique Plastic Surgery

At Ethique Plastic Surgery we are committed to delivering the absolute highest standard in Plastic, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery.



As a patient-centred practice, we understand the impact we can have on people’s lives. This is at the centre of our ethos and our commitment to ethical, patient-focused care to the highest standard.



Specialist Plastic Surgeon, Dr Andre Safvat and the Ethique Plastic Surgery team are dedicated to supporting and caring for patients through the entire patient journey to ensure the best possible outcome.




Our 3 Core Differences

Highest Standards

Fully accredited Specialist Plastic Surgeon with the highest level of accreditation and qualification.

Renowned for meticulous surgical skills, and impeccable end result. We set ourselves apart through the expertise, quality, professionalism and dedication of every member of our team.


Driven by ethics, we are honest and transparent in everything we do.

We pride ourselves on our high moral values, integrity, and dedication to our patients.

Patient Focused

We genuinely care for our patients, and make them feel at ease and comfortable from the minute they walk through the door, right through to our exceptional aftercare.

We go above and beyond to get to know our patients, and understand their concerns and vision they hold for themselves.

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  • It has been just over a decade since Dr Safvat first started consulting and operating in Bowral and his practice and reputation in the Southern Highlands community has grown from strength to strength since then. He was approached in early 2013 to come to Bowral......