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Led by our experienced surgeon, Dr. Andre Safvat, our practice is dedicated to providing specialist plastic surgery procedures tailored to the needs of men. With a deep understanding of male aesthetics and anatomy, Dr. Safvat ensures that each patient receives personalised treatment and optimal results.

Dr. Andre Safvat is a respected plastic surgeon with extensive training and experience in both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. His expertise, coupled with a focus on details, has earned him a reputation for quality in the field. Dr. Safvat is committed to helping men achieve their aesthetic goals through innovative surgical techniques and leading care.


Choosing the right specialist is crucial when considering plastic surgery. Dr. Safvat’s extensive experience with male patients sets him apart. . He understands the distinct anatomical differences and aesthetic goals between men and women, ensuring that his approach is specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of his male patients. At Ethique Plastic Surgery, you can trust that you are in the hands of a specialist who prioritises your safety, care, and result..

Male Plastic Surgery Procedures in Sydney and Southern Highlands, NSW

At Ethique Plastic Surgery, we offer a comprehensive range of procedures designed to enhance and refine male features. Our most popular male surgeries include:

Body Contouring After Weight Loss for Men

Significant weight loss can leave behind excess skin and stubborn fat deposits, preventing you from fully enjoying the results of your hard work. Dr. Andre Safvat specialises in body contouring procedures designed to sculpt and define your physique. By removing excess skin and refining your body contours, we help you achieve a more toned and masculine appearance. This comprehensive approach targets multiple areas, including the abdomen, chest, arms, and thighs, for a balanced and pleasing result.

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Liposuction for Men

Stubborn fat deposits can be resistant to diet and exercise, making it challenging to achieve your desired body shape. Liposuction at Ethique Plastic Surgery is an effective solution for men seeking a more sculpted and defined physique. Dr. Safvat applies modern liposuction techniques to remove excess fat from areas such as the abdomen, flanks, chest, and thighs.

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Male Abdominoplasty (Male Tummy Tuck)

A male abdominoplasty, or male tummy tuck, is an ideal procedure for men who have excess abdominal skin and weakened muscles, often as a result of significant weight loss or aging. Dr. Safvat tightens the abdominal muscles and removes excess skin, resulting in a firmer, flatter, and more defined midsection. This procedure helps restore a more youthful and athletic appearance as well as improving physical comfort.

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Gynaecomastia (Male Breast Reduction)

Gynaecomastia, or enlarged male breasts, can be a source of discomfort and cause aesthetic concerns.. Dr. Safvat offers specialist male breast reduction surgery to correct this condition, achieving a more masculine chest contour. Through a combination of liposuction and surgical excision, excess fat and glandular tissues are removed, resulting in a flatter, firmer chest. This procedure can significantly enhance your overall physique.

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Thigh Lift Surgery for Men

Excess skin and fat around the thighs can be particularly challenging to address through diet and exercise alone. A thigh lift surgery at Ethique Plastic Surgery effectively reshapes the thighs by removing excess skin and fat, resulting in smoother and more defined upper legs. This procedure is beneficial for men who have experienced significant weight loss and are left with loose, sagging skin. Dr. Safvat’s experience ensures that your thigh lift results in a natural and proportionate enhancement of your lower body.

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Consultation and Costs for Male Procedures in Sydney, NSW

Your journey begins with a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Safvat. During this initial meeting, you will discuss your aesthetic goals, medical history, and any concerns you may have. Dr. Safvat will provide a thorough assessment and recommend the most suitable procedures to achieve your desired outcome.

The cost of male surgical procedures varies depending on the complexity and extent of the surgery. We will provide a detailed quote during your consultation, ensuring transparency and clarity regarding the investment in your transformation.

Why Choose Ethique for Male Plastic Surgery in Sydney & Southern Highlands?

At Ethique Plastic Surgery, we pride ourselves on delivering expertise and leading patient care.

  • Experience in Male Aesthetics: Dr. Safvat’s extensive experience with male patients ensures that your results will be natural and harmonious with your masculine features.
  • Personalised Care: We prioritise your individual needs and tailor each procedure to achieve your specific goals with honest and transparent approach.
  • Modern Facilities: Our clinic is equipped with the latest technology to ensure your safety and comfort.
  • Comprehensive Support: From your initial consultation to post-operative care, we provide continuous support and  guidance throughout your journey.

Ready to embark on your surgical journey with Ethique Plastic Surgery? Taking the first step towards your aesthetic goals is easy. Simply schedule a consultation with Dr. Safvat by contacting our friendly team. We will assist you in finding a convenient appointment time and answer any preliminary questions you may have.

Dr André Safvat – Specialist Plastic Surgeon

Renowned for his dedication to his patients, his attention to detail and impeccable outcomes, Dr Safvat’s unparalleled expertise is reflected in the quality, professionalism and dedication of every member of our team.