Why Do I Need a Plastic Surgeon for Skin Cancer Removal?

Skin cancer removal can be performed by many medical professionals including GPs, Dermatologists and general surgeons as well as plastic surgeons. Plastic surgeons have specialised surgical expertise, are able to manage both simple and complex surgeries, and have a fundamental understanding of skin aesthetics.

There are several reasons why patients are choosing plastic surgeons for their skin cancer removal procedure:

Plastic surgeons consider aesthetics as well as medical precision.

There are many intricacies involved in skin cancer removal that plastic surgeons understand well including assessing the best place to put a scar, and the technical knowledge to suture a wound in ways that minimise scarring. Their training encompasses surgical techniques and aesthetic procedures, allowing them to approach skin cancer removal with a comprehensive understanding of both the medical and cosmetic aspects. This dual expertise ensures that not only is the cancer removed with precision, but the outcome is also aesthetically pleasing.

Plastic surgeons can manage more delicate, complex surgeries.

Certain skin cancer removals pose additional challenges and are more complex. Plastic surgeons specialise in managing both simple and intricate cases, and more complicated skin cancer excisions may require reconstruction by skin graft or a flap. These reconstructive procedures were pioneered by early plastic surgeons. Although other medical professions have learned some of these techniques, the true subtleties are known and continuously refined by plastic surgeons.

Plastic surgeons can minimise scarring in skin cancer removals.

A significant concern for patients undergoing skin cancer removal is the risk of noticeable scarring. Plastic surgeons understand the importance of maintaining skin aesthetics. They possess an in-depth knowledge of the skin’s structure and texture, enabling them to remove cancerous tissue in a way that minimises scarring. Their precision and skill not only eradicate cancer but also leave minimal traces, preserving the natural beauty of the skin.

Overall, choosing a plastic surgeon for your skin cancer removal is a decision that prioritises both your health and your appearance. With specialised training, the ability to handle complex surgeries, and a dedication to minimising scarring, plastic surgeons are ideal for these delicate procedures.

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Please note, this is general advice only and we strongly recommend patients discuss this is detail with a medical professional where their own personal medical history can be taken into account before making any changes to diet.


Registered Medical Practitioner, Specialist Plastic Surgeon (specialist registration in Surgery – Plastic Surgery).