Dr Safvat – A Bowral Local

It has been just over a decade since Dr Safvat first started consulting and operating in Bowral and his practice and reputation in the Southern Highlands community has grown from strength to strength since then.

He was approached in early 2013 to come to Bowral to fill a gap in the Southern Highlands in Plastic Surgery services. From those early days when he used to come to Bowral just one day a month, his practice, service and dedication to the Southern Highlands has grown steadily. He now serves the community two full days a week in Bowral, operating and consulting.

Dr Safvat spreads his time between his Bowral and Sydney practices and he has recently purchased a property in Bowral as he and his family (including his two beloved dogs!) have decided to split their time to live between the two locations. They all have deep love and connection to the Southern Highlands and Dr Safvat is committed to providing the best possible patient care which this move allows him to do even better.

Seeing first-hand the positive impact that this dynamic, picturesque town has on its residents, Dr Safvat and his family are looking forward to being part of the local community and embracing the Highlands lifestyle.